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Leading Rural Entrepreneurs Share Experience at HZAU

The photo of the activity. (Photo/ Ning Yiran)

Second-level Inspector Liu Mei delivers a speech. (Photo/ Zhang Zhanqi)

Rural entrepreneurs share their ideas. (Photo/ Zhang Zhanqi)

Students actively talk with rural entrepreneurs. (Photo/ Ning Yiran)

On March 14, rural entrepreneurs shared their enterprising experience at HZAU.

During the meeting, Li Xiangdong, a Party Committee Member of HZAU, and Liu Mei, a second-level inspector from the Department of Rural Industries of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, delivered speeches. Four rural entrepreneurs shared their experiences. Zengzhun, the entrepreneurial tutor from the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education of GDUFS, analyzed the current situation and risks faced by rural entrepreneurship. Attendees included Liang Yi, a second-level investigator from the Rural Entrepreneurship Department, Zeng Deyun, a member of the Party Committee and chief economist of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Hubei Province, Zhou Xuejun, a second-level investigator from the Rural Industrial Development Department, and Wang Congyan, the deputy secretary of the Party Committee of HZAU.

Li Xiangdong welcomed and expressed gratitude to all the guests on behalf of HZAU. He highlighted, as a pioneering force in national science and technology strategy, that HZAU fostered virtue through education and took strengthening and rejuvenating agriculture as its responsibility. HZAU was committed to increasing the training of innovative and entrepreneurial talents and supporting students in realizing their innovation and entrepreneurship dreams through practical training. Li also expressed the desire to further coordinate resources and strengthen cooperation under the guidance of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, making continuous contributions to the modernization of agriculture and rural areas.

Liu Mei introduced rural entrepreneurship policies. She emphasized that industrial integration and technological transformation would provide new opportunities for entrepreneurship in agriculture and rural areas. Consumption upgrading and expanding agricultural and rural functions created new space for rural entrepreneurship. The combination of policies was creating a solid foundation for entrepreneurship. Liu encouraged students to seek entrepreneurial and employment opportunities in rural areas, leading the way for innovative, coordinated, green, open, and shared development in modern agriculture and rural areas.

At the rural entrepreneurship sharing meeting, four rural entrepreneurs shared their experiences through “video presentations of entrepreneurial projects + discussion and exchange”.

Shen Jie, the founder of Celefish in Zhejiang Province, shared his innovative experience with the theme “Empowering Science and Technology to Enhance Global Fish Farming”. Yang Shaojin, General Manager of an e-commerce company in Jiangsu Province, shared the story of leading rural youth in establishing the “New Rural Elite” Alliance in Xuzhou and building the “Su Bei Tao” e-commerce platform. Huang Jinghuang, the Deputy Director of Jingjun Planting Farmers Professional Cooperative in Jinjiang City, Fujian Province, emphasized the importance of transforming knowledge into fruitful crops and continuously seeking new ways to prompt themselves. Huang Yideng, general manager of as well as the General Manager of New Dream Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Technology Co., Ltd., shared his entrepreneurial experience. They encouraged students to practice in rural areas, gain more experience, and contribute to rural revitalization.

During the “Refueling for Entrepreneurship” session, Zeng Zhun discussed the thinking behind entrepreneurship and the risks involved. He emphasized the need for practical action, choosing the right entry point, and making a career in the field of rural entrepreneurial innovation. Zeng also highlighted the importance of new farmers, technologies, ideas, and methods for rural entrepreneurship in the current situation. Regarding college students’ rural entrepreneurial innovation, he advised analyzing market risks, geographical risks, and marketing risks, combining emotional courage with rational precautions, making bold choices, taking small steps, and iterating quickly.

During the activity, the students asked questions in succession, and five guests answered their questions patiently in detail. The atmosphere at the scene was lively and interactive.


Translated by: Hu Miao

Proofread by: He Qiuyan

Supervised by: Pan Buhan