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HZAU Volunteers Accompany Children with Music

Since January 29, the Rhododendra Love Association of HZAU in collaboration with Zhangjiawan Community, invited Liu Yaqian and Zhang Jiajun - the lead singers of VMV (the first band composed of visually-impaired people in Wuhan) to embark on a music enlightenment journey at after-school class in Zhangjiawan Community of Hongshan District, Wuhan.

Freezing wind could not dampen the volunteers and children’s passion for music. Expecting for the arrival of children, volunteers dressed in red vests arrived early at the Community Activity Space for Children at 1 pm every day, carefully sorting out the daily sign-in sheets and teaching aids needed for class. Thirteen children, regardless of the chilling wind or sleet, kept their promise to the “New Year appointment” with music and volunteers on time every day. Once the children arrived at the classroom, they would engage in discussions with volunteers about their favorite music and best-played instruments...

Kids practiced chorus with the lead singers of VMV band and volunteers

During the class, the room echoed with the enchanting melodies of songs such as I Wanna Say Thank You, When Smiling You Are Really Nice and Outburst of Courage, accompanying by the childish voices and the elegant tone of the electronic keyboard, as the children’s smiling faces shone dazzlingly under the bright lights. In the class, the VMV band volunteers guided the children to grasp the rhythm and pitch of music by using easy-to-learn Orff percussion instruments and celesta. Subsequently, the kids can apply simple musical knowledge to practice in singing My Motherland and Me. “Not only did the melodious songs inspire children’s curiosity and longing for music, but also conveyed patriotism to them. I believe that music will help to build their character in the future” said Liu Xinyi, a representative volunteer from the College of Food Sciences & Technology.

Children show their progress in instrument learning

To boost the performance ability and self-confidence of the children, the class also included talent shows, which greatly demonstrated the rich repertoire of the children. Beyond children’s songs, it also included many songs that expressed the love for life. Everyone learned from each other and bravely presented themselves, turning every class into a mini concert that provided a stage for each child to show their talents.

I was deeply impressed by the optimistic attitude of the VMV Band volunteers towards life through this activity” said Liu Xinyi. “Their enthusiastic love for music and relevant achievements undoubtedly entail more dedication and persistence, thus they deserves our admiration and learning.” Although the six-day activity was short and was once postponed due to severe weather, it still received recognition and affirmation from children and their parents. A kid’s mother wrote on her social media: “With this experience, I hope my child will be more grateful, and will cherish what he has and be generous in giving.”

Bu Xiangli, a counselor from the College of Engineering, said:“In the future, Rhododendra Love Association will uphold the General Secretary’s earnest call of ‘join hands with our motherland and dedicate ourselves to serving the people’. We will continue to pool social philanthropic resources and work with volunteers to serve the masses in need with our knowledge and caring, in a bid to spread love and make contributions to the society.”


Translated by Xia Xinyi

Proofread by Yan Xin

Supervised by Wang Xiaoyan