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HZAU Faculties and Volunteer Students to Clear the Greenway

Volunteers clear the greenway

Due to the freezing rain and heavy snow in Hubei Province during the Spring Festival, trees fell and branches scattered in the way alongside the Shizishan Greenway. As a result, the path was blocked and it was not safe for traffic. As the new semester began, faculties and students came back to the university and responded actively to make it clean and safe.

Early on the morning of March 1, under the guidance of the staff from the Logistics Support Department, volunteers wearing helmets and red vests were ready for the activity with cleaning tools.

To make it smooth and clean, our task is to remove the fallen trunks along the greenway. The loader will move ahead, and our task is to clear scattered branches left behind. Please watch your head and step. Safety first,” said Zhang Yu, a member of the Logistics Support Department.

One, two, three!” Several strong boys lifted up the fallen boughs together and carried them to the side. The rest students following them, swept leaves and twigs in two rows. Behind the loader, an orderly line of vibrant volunteers in red vests moved slowly on the greenway.

Are you tired? If you are, we can have a rest.” asked a teacher halfway down the path. “It’s not us but the machine that is tired!” “It can release pressure, and we feel energetic now,” said students. They noted that such “out-door class” not only allowed them to relax and engage in practical education, but also enabled them to enjoy their volunteerism.

Around 11 o’clock, with the efforts of faculties and students, the whole greenway was unblocked. The loader no longer rumbled, and only joyful cheers echoed along the path.

After hard work, staff from the Logistics Support Department distributed warm soybean milk and congee to the volunteers. Sitting on the ground, they took a break and chatted with each other. Some students dirtied their faces when wiping the sweat,and some got scratches when carrying branches. However, such unpleasant memories faded away in the midst of their happy and contented smiles.

Faculties and students take a picture together after clearing the greenway

Yang Chaofei, a student from the College of Plant Science & Technology said that it was not easy to keep our university clean and safe. “”When I come to the greenway again some other day, I will recall such experience and cherish the trees and grass here. Yang also emphasized that “March 5-Memorial Day of Learing from Lei Feng (Lei Feng, famous for his dedication and hard work) is around the corner. I want to start from small things around me and put the spirit of dedication into action.”

I missed the chance to sweep snow on campus last time. So I invited my friends to sign up together immediately when I heard about this voluntary activity,” said Han Zhuoyu, a student from the College of Economics and Management, who joined it together with her three roommates.

Clearing of greenway this time is a new challenge. We worked together and tried to find efficient methods. Luckily, students put forward many precious suggestions and creative ideas. I hope that there will be more opportunities for us to carry out such events so that we can maintain a clean and beautiful university,” shared Liu Fan, a member from the Logistics Support Department.


Translated by: Li Xin

Proofread by: Dong Wenli

Supervised by: Wang Xiaoyan